7 Ways to Be More Productive in Your Business

Look, squirrel!

Does your brain work a little bit like a golden retriever Monday-Friday? Well, you’re not alone. Entrepreneurs and business owners are highly creative people who are excellent at multi-tasking, but sometimes getting pulled in one million different directions throughout our work week can cause us to say “adios” to our productivity!

Today, we’re looking at 7 tips to help you regain focus–bookmark our blog post and see what you can put into action in the coming weeks that takes your productivity from zero to hero!


1. Try Pomodoro.

Break your workday into manageable chunks of work time, called “Pomodoro”. Developed originally by Francesco Cirillo, traditionally the Pomodoro interval is broken down into 25 minutes. And then, you get a brief break! The idea is to TRULY focus in those 25 minutes on the task at hand, knowing in the back of your mind that there will be a respite. This type of “deep work” can be hard to do when it is interrupted, so putting away the cell phone and notifications for short time periods is a must. Give it a go!

2. Check out these helpful apps/programs, but stick with just one.

Have you tried Trello, ClickUp, Slack or Time Doctor for your productivity needs? Apps and technology can be great, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Think carefully about one program that might need multiple needs, and allow yourself ample time to learn time-saving features. Spending some time here can really save you time in the future, and we don’t need to tell you…time is money!

3. Set clear rest boundaries.

We know that work/life balance doesn’t really exist for entrepreneurs. For that reason, more than creating an idea of “balance” as business owners, we must be careful to at least protect our rest periods. Work hard/play hard is a popular phrase for a reason. If your business is seasonal, you may especially want to consider building AMPLE rest time into your work schedule–more than just a few days or a week–to recharge your super-powered business brain.

4. Delegate.

You can’t do it all. Let’s rephrase that–you can’t do it all and make money or scale. The tasks you aren’t an expert at actually cost you more to do on your own–for example, bookkeeping and accounting! Let Forrest Tax and Accounting take over your monthly books to free you up to do your highest-profit tasks like creating products and services, or leading your staff on the path to success. Click the contact button to schedule your consultation now!

5. Get some sleep.

Well, this one doesn’t need much explanation. Yet, you really DO need someone to say it, don’t you? Tomorrow is a new day; you really WILL be more productive with some rest. Unless you’re a college student, we’re guessing your all-nighters are well behind you, or at least your capability to do well with them. Give your mind, business and co-workers a rest, and get into bed a decent hour of the night!

6. Have a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly plan.

A daily to-do list is very helpful, but it is even more productive when paired with your weekly, monthly, and yearly plan. Just as marketing campaigns are most successful when overarching goals and strategies are considered, so is your time for even the most mundane “whirlwind” tasks that you may have in your business like ordering supplies, cleaning, etc. Learn more about how to balance these tasks with a helpful productivity book like Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen!

7. Prioritize.

Sometimes, the most unimportant things can feel like an emergency. Don’t allow something like a non-emergency phone call to take you out of your zone. At the beginning of each day, prioritize a small number of tasks as your most important to achieve. That way, even if you don’t complete the rest of your to-do list, you’ll feel accomplished and know that you’re moving your business forward! Likewise, apply this same rationale to your weekly, monthly, and yearly plan.

In no time at all, you’ll be a productivity guru!


We hope you’ve enjoyed these productivity tips! Don’t forget: in order to grow, you need to delegate tasks and deeply protect your working time. Invite profit-growing services like Forrest Tax and Accounting into your workflow to increase your revenue and sense of well-being!

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