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Why is a tax TEAM the best choice?

In the past, perhaps before owning a business, you may have done your taxes yourself. Or, you might have utilized a family friend that prepared things for you on the cheap. And, while we understand the seasons of life and the decisions each person might need to make...

Still haven’t filed? Here are 3 Reasons to Choose Forrest Tax! haven't filed your taxes yet. And maybe, with our current state of affairs and the state and federal tax deadline extended into July, you don't feel rushed. (Find more on that topic at our Facebook page!) You might be a small business owner, stressing over...

Four Reasons that your Stimulus Payment is Delayed

Is your stimulus payment missing our delayed? We've got four reasons for you why that could be the case.  Looking to make a tax appointment? Let's get started right now!1. A DEBTOR IS COLLECTING Unfortunately, Congress did not protect stimulus payments from...


Excellent service and very professional. My tax preparer Ashley was very knowledgeable and quick. She explained the process therefore answering all my questions. I will definitely be a returning customer next year.

Excellent service and very professional

Ladonna Mclaurin

Ashley is a great tax preparer and she treats her customers like family. She's quick and detailed and her staff is the best. Forrest Taxes will be my lifelong tax location.

Great tax preparer

Todd Wantz