Three Things to Prepare as You Get Started with Bookkeeping

Is it finally time to hire someone to manage your books? Woohoo! You must be growing!

And for that, we congratulate you. Or, perhaps you’re looking one step ahead, and even if you’re not QUITE certain it’s the right time, you know that, in order to really grow your business, you must delegate tasks that aren’t your master skill (like bookkeeping and accounting) and if that’s the case…well done.

So, now that you’re finally ready to take that step, what needs to be gathered? Let’s look at some of the most important information to organize as you prepare to have your books managed by Forrest Tax.


1. Let’s get to know your business.

What type of business are you running, and are you a solopreneur or an S-Corp? Forrest Tax will also need to have basic ideas about your tax filing habits and your last filing, and begin to understand your banking habits for the business–where do you bank, and how many separate accounts do you have? What financial services are you currently using, and do you use credit cards for the business?

2. How does your invoicing and billing currently take place?

Forrest Tax will need to understand how you bill your customers, or what software (if any) that you use to create invoices. Do you utilize a third-party service to create your invoices for clients? And, regarding billing, how do you pay the bills for your business–through check, online, or a blend of both?

3. Payroll structure, Inventory and Sales Tax

Different businesses operate under a great variety of conditions. How many employees are currently in your payroll system, and are you currently processing payroll in-house? Does your business have physical products and inventory to track? And finally, information about the sales tax for your business is important, particularly your filing schedule (monthly, quarterly or annually.) You’ll also want to let Forrest Tax know about any audits (sales tax or otherwise) that have taken place in the past.



There are certainly more questions we may have for you as we get started but don’t worry–we make that process easy for you! Part of growing as a business is getting systems in place, and though it requires a little work up front from you, the benefits are WELL worth it. The time you regain to spend working ON your business instead of IN your business is priceless.

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