So…you haven’t filed your taxes yet.

And maybe, with our current state of affairs and the state and federal tax deadline extended into July, you don’t feel rushed. (Find more on that topic at our Facebook page!) You might be a small business owner, stressing over the amount of receipts you are staring at, or maybe you just have a few W-2s and a 1099 or two.

Staying at home and working remotely might have procrastinating…


…And it might have you considering a tax software instead of an accountant. Here are 3 reasons why that’s a bad idea!

1.) Tax software can’t–and won’t–ever know you and your family. 

Even filing a simple W-2 is a pretty impersonal experience with tax software, and things can go wrong. (Just ask the millions of people who didn’t receive their stimulus checks this year after filing with TurboTax.) Tax software can’t, and won’t, get to know you and your family, and things that have changed or might be beneficial in the future. Your information won’t be stored, and the burden of entering things correctly is on your shoulders. Filing taxes is stressful, and it’s fairly easy to make mistakes that can cost you money in the long run.

2.) If you are a small business owner or sole-proprietor, deductions WILL be missed.

It’s not really a question of “if” it will happen, it is “how.” After working with thousands of business owners over the years, part of our expertise at Forrest Tax is not only recognizing the important deductions that you can make, and pointing out impactful steps that need to be taken immediately, but also working with you to ensure that your NEXT tax year is better than ever. Education and planning for the future is what makes us special, and we understand the financial business environment better than any tax software ever could. We want to see you grow! 

3.) A great accountant stands behind their work.

Unfortunately, when you file your taxes on your own, the liability and any subsequent disputes lie completely on your shoulders. If the IRS disputes your return or any aspect of your filing, it’s completely up to you to respond, and come to an agreement. At Forrest Tax, we stand behind our work and the extensive knowledge that we have regarding preparing taxes, so all you need to do is gather your documents, sit back, and relax knowing that we are taking all of the appropriate steps to maximize your return, or minimize your debt. 

Senior Accountant Ashley Forrest

Don’t put off your tax filing any longer. It’s time to #RockWithTheBest. 

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